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03/08/13 Flamminio, Gio (D) activated from bereavement leave
03/08/13 Amesbury, Daniel (F) placed on team suspension
03/05/13 Bell, Gordon (F) signed contract
03/04/13 Flamminio, Gio (D) granted bereavement by league
02/20/13 Steffes, Gary (F) assigned by Lake Erie (AHL)
02/15/13 Gordon, Ben (F) placed on 7 day IR
02/01/13 Fox, Justin (F) signed contract
01/31/13 Mariani, Kyle (D) placed on team suspension
01/18/13 Clarke, Dan (G) signed contract
01/18/13 OKane, Kyle (F) signed contract
01/17/13 Ullrich, Mike (F) placed on team suspension
01/14/13 Bakala, Dan (G) waived
01/11/13 Schafer, Patrick (F) signed contract
01/08/13 Steffes, Gary (F) recalled by Lake Erie (AHL)
12/28/12 Weeks, Jason (F) signed contract
12/28/12 Ofukany, Troy (F) waived
12/21/12 Akins, Drew (F) signed contract
12/20/12 Madolora, Shane (G) signed contract
12/20/12 Bakala, Dan (G) signed contract
12/19/12 Keserich, Ian (G) waived
12/19/12 Barlock, Ryan (D) acquired in trade from Fort Worth
12/19/12 Barlock, Ryan (D) acquired in trade from Fort Worth
12/17/12 Garman, Mike (G) waived
12/17/12 Beauregard, David (F) waived
12/15/12 Register, Matt (D) waived
12/15/12 Amesbury, Daniel (F) signed contract
12/04/12 Trask, Jake (F) waived
12/04/12 Buvinow, Jeff (D) signed contract
11/30/12 Garman, Mike (G) signed contract
11/30/12 Ofukany, Troy (F) activated from IR
11/29/12 Gingera, Matt (F) waived
11/29/12 Bakala, Dan (G) waived
11/19/12 Akins, Drew (F) waived
11/16/12 Fleck, Tyler (D) activated from IR
11/10/12 Ofukany, Troy (F) placed on 7 day IR
11/07/12 Ullrich, Mike (F) signed contract
11/06/12 Green, Ryan (F) waived
10/31/12 Green, Ryan (F) signed contract
10/31/12 Meadows, Brock (D) Moved from 7-day IR to 14 day IR
10/28/12 Trask, Jake (F) signed contract
10/28/12 Fleck, Tyler (D) placed on 7 day IR
10/24/12 Akins, Drew (F) signed contract
10/22/12 Ketts, Jeremiah (F) waived
10/22/12 Esposito, Cody (F) waived
10/19/12 Meadows, Brock (D) placed on 7 day IR

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